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I teach Kindergarten at a non-profit for at-risk and low-income kids. It can be the worst job and the best job, sometimes at the same time. It is also All-day (7am-6pm) and year round. No summer vacay for me. I love crafting but rarely have the time due to the demands of graduate school, a full time job and the rest of life.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where did I go?

Currently, I am enrolled in a Master's Program for Special Education.  In one of my classes (June 2010), the professor mentioned a 2-week study tour that would be happening in January 2011 and I knew I had to go. The trip was to one of my dream destinations.  A place I had books and videos about, a place I was intrigued by since 6th grade.

Because my school is year round, we get 4 weeks of vacation time, sick time, and personal time.  I always have an abundance of time available, so I asked for the time off.  I was unsure if my director would let me have TWO WEEKS off in a row, but it was the first two weeks after the holiday season so I was hopeful.

Where did I go?  Here are some hints...

Good Luck Guessing!!!

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