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I teach Kindergarten at a non-profit for at-risk and low-income kids. It can be the worst job and the best job, sometimes at the same time. It is also All-day (7am-6pm) and year round. No summer vacay for me. I love crafting but rarely have the time due to the demands of graduate school, a full time job and the rest of life.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Most of the Kindergarten teachers are getting ready for summer vacation, a few weeks off to recoup from a long year and to dream up big plans for the new one.

Not me!
My school is a year round program, so my students going off to first grade can stay up until the day before first grade starts. The agency I work for then offers afterschool care (sometimes I get to peek in on my old students). Some will leave before then, most are staying right up until Aug 29th.

I do wish we had at least a few days between the new kids come, but as soon as one kid leaves, a new one moves up from a preschool room. It is a big deal to move to my room, very exciting for everyone.

So I am trying to prep for Sept while:
-Still having a full class
-getting a new "co-teacher"
-My right hand gal being 6 months pregnant
-having no access to our playground
-preparing for surgery!

I'm just a wee bit stressed

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